Coke: Open Happiness

Coca-Cola—or simply Coke—is world’s most recognizable brand. The Coca-Cola Company, launched in 1886, had global net revenue of US$ 42 billion last year while its brand value is currently about US$73 billion.

The Coca-Cola Classic brand itself, holds a market share of about 17.7 percent in the USA. The company’s four leading carbonated soft drinks brands in the U.S. were Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Fanta, which comprise 42.5 percent of the soft drink market.

Globally, Coca-Cola Company’s market share was around 49% in 2015 while Pepsi’s share was 21%. All other soft-drink companies’ market share amounted to 31%.

With this level of global recognition, acceptability and established market share, Coke does not really need to advertise aggressively or engage in any PR campaign.

However, coke keeps on doing great PR campaigns to establish its brand recognition and enhance its brand loyalty and acceptability.

For the last few years, Coke has used different PR ideas to engage with audience and build upon universal themes like friendship, harmony, inclusiveness, help and love. It came up with slogans like “Open Happiness” and “Labels are for drinks; not people” immediately became popular.

Coke also installed hug machines on so many campuses around the world–I personally hugged on at my college Campus–where you can get a coke if you hug the machine!

kindness has been a constant themes on multiple Coke campaigns

and many more inspiring videos.

But my personal favorites are these two.

The first one tried to bring the people of Pakistan and India closer.

while this one was against stereotypes and “labels”

Labels are for cans, not people.

Good job, Coke!


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